Tutya gets

Tutya gets Fidget fidget, as if eye beads!

B the end of a sketch animals and children dance to cheerful music.

Other plot with the same characters Tutya and Tsaka help the Doe hare to look for the gone leveret naturally, find it by means of children.

Tutya gets to a deep hole a hoop, a ring from a jump rope on a floor Tsaka helps it to get out, lowering a rope.

For a rope pull a bear cub and child.

Ezhonok wants to get over through the small river to mother.

Tsaka well swims it transports it on a back.

Tsaka cannot back float, sprained a leg.

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Bothered Kra coughed.

Huth huthut!

Raong croaked.

Bothered them to become wet in the rain and to shiver from cold.

They agreed to cut down a tree and from its bark next day to make a warm tent.

But for the morning the sun shone so hot and it is tender that Kra enjoyed heat and light, sitting on beliefs to the tree tire, and Raong settled down near its roots and it was heated right in the sun.

To At last Kra went down from a top of a tree and exclaimed Well, the girlfriend how you feel?

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The child

The child What punishment seems to you offensive, and what spraved the left?

What punishment seems to you the most terrible?

At what age of children it is impossible to punish?

Whether the creative task Stirs egoism in lives?

Divide children into groups and distribute them cards with the different situations.

The child instead of school went to cinema.


The child shirked the whole month school.


The girl without the permission took mother's ornament and loss ?

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Mother Parents sometimes do not notice me.

If I was upset, usually I should apologize, though I was right.

Mother or the father sit down nearby and quietly all explain and uspo kaivat.

If I was upset, mother starts me pleasing on time to Nome.

If I was upset, all calm me.

They will tell me Forget about it!

I am calmed always by the sister, and from mother is not present any under derzhka.

No, because they sometimes incorrectly prompt everything.

We we do not want that they poked the nose into other people's affairs.

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Can we say that

Can we say that What makes a person happy?

First of all, knowledge, for which he lives and what should be done in the life no how to overcome difficulties, and how to build a happy life.

Can we say that if the child will be able to realize myself in all this groin growth and to achieve the inner form, which we discussed rela tional age of , , , , years, he will be happy?

A happy person who knows what is happening with them, and knows how to put into effect to himself.

Around it should be an environment that also understands this and interacts with it.

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